Dogecoin will reach the planet Mars in 2033 !
We can't wait to welcome you shibes in the mars skyrocket ! Goooooo...

Doge Support by sending to this address: DEWsn9U87BtkGNmuTTL39yhnCBsKttYLzJ


Concept main purpose

We will send one DogeCoin to Mars in 2033


Dogecoin is the cryptocurrency with the best community ever.
We consider ourselves as happy fellow shibes that aim to spread the world, the moon and the planet mars.

First, dogecoin will land on the moon in 2019 thanks to Joseph Frusetta project


The chosen company is Astrobotic, they will deliver a DHL moonbox containing ONE real dogecoin


It's time to continue the galaxy dogeadventure, we will send ONE dogecoin to the planet Mars !!!
We can't wait to welcome every shibes in the mars skyrocket !
So please, support dogecointomars team to make the landing on mars a real success <3 <3 <3


In 2033, welcome aboard, fasten your seatbelt...

Dogecointomars team, Astrobotic company, Elon Musk SpaceX company, project supporters, dogespace scientists, many happy fellow shibes!

...Well, we need your support to find a rocket targeting mars,
a lander containing the MarsBox,
create a physical and unique entity of one dogecoin,
find the path to mars
and goooo...

We are actually trying to contact Elon Musk SpaceX Team to support the project. It's true, check on twitter @dogecointomars


New galaxy dogeadventures ;)



We need your support.

Send some Dogecoins to the following address: DEWsn9U87BtkGNmuTTL39yhnCBsKttYLzJ

Here is the dogecoin barcode for quick access:


Or proceed to a donation in USD/EUR by credit card VISA/MASTERCARD or other cryptocurrencies (bitcoin,ethereum, ...). Select on the list below:

Current funded dogecoins :

Track & Donations

Here, we will track all the donations, thanks donators, record performed actions and show current state


Kickstart Sept 2017 : First donation of 20 000 Doges by founders

=> Used to create website, buy domain name

=> Used to create twitter and facebook account


Oct 2017 : + 2 000 Doges donation by "Dfkcrypto"

=> Used to post and active Twitter network, it's worth!


Nov 2017 : + 550 Doges donation by "AlexConi, Sonydoge, CryptoSnack"

=> Used to change twitter header


Dec 2017 : +3 100 Doges donation by "Laying0dds, Yolo1285"

=> Stacked for new actions


Jan 2018 : + 2 000 Doges donations by "Amid385, Frogdogesss"

=> Stacked for new actions


Feb 2018: + 4 000 Doges donations by "Nribs, Codealpha6, marsrover001"

=> Used to write twitter messages to ElonMusk, SpaceX

=> Used to create new pictures


Wow donations = + 29 650 Doges

Wow used = - 24 550 Doges


Dogecointomars current state = + 5 100 Doges


Thanks again shibes for making the dogecoin landing on Mars a real success

Let's jump in the mars skyrocket !

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Dogecoin adventure is fantastic

Dogecoin community is the BEST

Help us to go further than the moon

... and reach Mars




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